Of Webeteering and Bloggery

Introductions aren’t really my thing. I never know where to begin. Or how. Should I use a witty one-liner? Tell a joke? A catchy quote? Or skip the introduction altogether and dive right into the conversation, hoping that I don’t appear too awkward? Decisions, decisions.

My name’s Hiba. I’m currently studying Computer and Information Systems Engineering at NEDUET, in the second semester of my second year. And although I have quite an interest in my major, at the same time I wish to be able to pursue a side career in writing – as an editor, or a freelancer, or a novelist.

“Why create a blog, Hiba?” you may be asking (probability: low). I’ll tell you anyway. If I may say, I, ahem, do have a modest Internet presence. Nowhere near enough to brag about, but for the product I have to sell (poems, prose, snarky commentary and passionate discussions), not bad. However, said Internet presence is anonymous. Sure, I have a moniker. Can you tell it’s little ole me through it, and vice versa? No, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Call me a coward if you will, but it’s more the fact that some tasks are better done without having a face attached to them, without the consequences and repercussions which come with the rebellion against the norm. I like to think of it as being my superhero name. (Superpowers: procrastination, extraordinary arrogance, the ability to put people to sleep with my too-short or too-long essays.)

Ergo, when the time arose to list a website officially, like during the admissions process or when telling friends I write, I hit a snag: how to reconcile the person I am online with the person I am offline?

Simply, I don’t. It is a personal restriction, which I may or may not lift eventually. For now, however, welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find personal entries, essays, poems, opinions, recommendations, etc; whatever catches my fancy (being of fluctuating temperament, you’ll find that my interests vary drastically as well).


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