Woes of an Underling

The head of the editing team of my department newspaper, which I work for, just called me out in public saying that I edited an interview wrong. =)

That apparently it has “many overlooked grammatical mistakes” and she “had to go through it twice to make sure (she) didn’t miss anything”. =))

And then she advised us not to “ignore that green and red underlines that are fired by Word!” =)))

But when I checked my version again, it had 3 spelling mistakes (which were totally my fault and I admit to them) and 0 other grammatical mistakes. =))))

And when I checked her version, there were no spelling mistakes but 15 other grammatical mistakes, and I’m only halfway through. =)))))

But she’s my boss and so I can’t deliver a smack-down detailing all the errors in her version in the same condescending tone that she used. =))))))

I love editing! =)))))))


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