Bad Liars

I don’t mind lying, because not only is honesty – complete honesty – rarely the best policy, but also because I myself am a pathological liar. I don’t like bandying about my thoughts like candy on Halloween; for one, they wouldn’t be mine any more, and for another, there’s a difference between people who care and people who just want gossip to pass on. I rarely trust, but that’s another topic altogether.

What I DO mind, though, is blatant lying. If you are going to tell a falsehood, spend some time on it. Make it believable, neither too extraordinary nor too mundane. Stick to one story, and tell it to everyone, especially if you’re one of those people who have a good memory.

But if you have a habit of forgetting like me, don’t memorize every single detail. That’s suspicious too. Just get the basic story straight, and every retelling, remove some old details, add some new ones, but make sure they don’t clash.

Not being able to lie correctly reflects poorly on your intelligence. I mean, really; even animals know deception.


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