Old Times

The other day I went back to a website that I had first logged on in when I was 9 years old.

I turn 21 in August.

Ergo, it was a really nostalgic moment for me – according to science (SCI-YANCE!), the worth of a thing increases the more time and energy we spent on it. Obviously. So seeing all those familiar pixels on the screen made me happy inside, even though I had no cause to be considering I was self-destructive enough to have to resort to revisiting my lonely childhood for comfort. (Again, obviously.)

But what really made my day – I am pathetic, I know – was seeing my old profile which stated the interests of my pre-teen self (Books and Literature, Candy, Computer Games) . Over all of the changes that have happened in my life in the past decade or so, it was relaxing to know that fundamentally, I was just as huge a loser as I used to be. I simply graduated from being a Computer Game Nerd to a Computer Programmer Nerd.

9-year-old me would be proud(ish).


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