Let a Girl Live

Men, specifically men older than you and in positions of authority and/or power, absolutely hate it when you question them. It doesn’t even have to be about anything major; you just say that “so-and-so show” is great, and they will say it isn’t, and you will say “it’s just my opinion” and they will go on a 30-minute lecture about how the “youth” of today have become disrespectful and degenerate, wasting our lives in front of “the television and the Internet” instead of going outside and “seizing the day” or whatever, and who will end up “begging us hard workers” for money when we’re older.

All the anger and bitterness at the fact that everybody younger than them won’t live their life the way they want us to will come out in the most racist*, sexist*, wilfully ignorant*, entitled* and condescending** way possible. You can argue, be brought down to their level of assholery, and be defeated by experience, or you can remain quiet (and polite – even having an angry face is considered rebellion) and wait for their diatribe to be over before escaping to your non-judgemental comrades-in-arms.

*Because obviously the high poverty, unemployment and crime rate is NOT due to a system designed to protect only the richest strata of society, a saturation in the job market, corporate monopolies preventing the start-up of new businesses, institutionalised prejudice and propaganda keeping specific people out of jobs, and a higher standard of living for those who are currently employed (leading to them staying in their positions longer, aka not dying off and letting newbies take their spot). No; all the problems in society are not caused by them, those who are actually, you know, shaping the current political, economic and social structure of the world we live in. All these problems are caused by us “youth”.

**Because we’re all 5 years old. All of us. If we say that we are of legal age and/or adults and thus deserve to be treated as equals, we get the “but you’re living with your parents!!!” (but if we want to move out, “but IsLaAa@M!!!”) or “you’ll always be children to US!!!” (in their minds, adult relationships with those they saw growing up are just not possible? or something).


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