Of All The Imams I Have Seen Muslim Friends Take Issue With…

This guy has gotten the most hate. Like, there are imams out there who are literal rapists, paedophiles, murderers, molesters, racists, and all-around bigots, but apparently none of them hold a candle to a guy who says things like:

“I believe every person, no matter if I disagree with you or not, you have the right as a Muslim to have the proper spiritual [rites] and rituals provided for you. And whoever judges you, that will be Allah’s decision, not me.”


“The beautiful thing about God is that when you change your attitude, and say, ‘God, I need some help,’ and mean it sincerely, God is always there for you.”

and who shows through his actions that he sincerely only wants to help, and if he is being a hypocrite at least it’s the kind of hypocrisy that doesn’t harm anyone but him.

But yeah, you know, let’s totally judge the homosexual, condemn him and only him to hell and ask questions like “How can he call himself a Muslim/Imam???”! At least the other guys aren’t gay! Whoo! Fantastic priorities!


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