On Changing

One of the things I see happen to adults is that, with age, they become more stagnant – so completely and utterly set in their ways that anything different or new isn’t just disliked, it is considered an encroachment on their respectability or something.

Which, I guess, is understandable in a way. Considering that with age comes experience, and that the percentage of successes increases over time, and that we have a tendency to both remember other people’s failures and assume their losses were far greater, I’m sure they feel wiser than us young ‘uns running around making mistakes all over the place.

What I don’t understand is people under 35 being so stubborn about their personalities. Yeah, I know that we should love ourselves and not allow society to change us, but that doesn’t apply to every aspect of you. In the same way that everything we are taught is the norm actually isn’t (commonly held religious views, gender binary and roles, etc), not everything that goes against the norm is revolutionary (some less common religious views, liberalism, kinks, etc).

All I’m saying is, people should be more open to change, you know? Use their heads to assess instead of having a “What people say” kind of mentality. Mainly when their views support the dominant paradigms, but also sometimes when their views have changed.

Be always like the sea that shifts, not the shore that opposes it.


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