Whoo, it’s been a while.

What can I say – I’ve been pretty busy lately. My third year has started, which means only 3 more semesters after this one (providing I don’t fail) until I am free from this hell.

Where to start? Things have been pretty rocky: fallouts with friends, increased workload, and decreasing mood – but hopefully I’ll make it out of this semester without having failed in anything. I’m really worried about one subject in particular, but my friend is pretty good at it, and we’re lab partners, so I’ll scrape through that as well.

The only really new thing is that this year is the start of internships. Which would be great! Except I have a terrible merit number and no extra skills to speak of. I’m currently interning at my university, but I don’t think that really counts (unless it does, which would be great).

Honestly, all I want to do is graduate, get a job that allows me to move into my own place, and maybe get a significant other who isn’t too terrible.

So, I’ve vented, and this is me probably leaving for another 3 months.

I hope not though.