Capitalism and Silence

The very nature of a capitalist society, is to create and function on a dichotomy – in which one state is desirable and the other undesirable: rich and poor, man and woman.

Our rituals, our language, our culture, our upbringing; it all hinges on upholding the dominant paradigm: as those who benefit from it wish to keep it that way, and those who suffer are made to believe that they and “their kind” either deserve that suffering or can opt out by inducing that suffering on others (rather like how the playground bully has an entourage of children similar to the ones being bullied – those children choose to become bullies in order to avoid being bullied).

As such, any dissent is considered as blasphemous, and victims are silenced through fear, derision, humiliation and – oddly – reverence. When people are reduced to caricatures, they are stripped of their humanity, and go from being complex beings to “begger”, “gold-digger”, “modest”, “slut”; either “an inspiration” or “an abomination”.

Those who pretend they are not aware of these power structures – especially while benefiting from them – will uphold them; through their actions and their behaviours. Be very wary.


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