Be More Gentle

I know this isn’t a new idea at all, what with all leftist writers espousing how being gentle in the face of capitalism is radical, but it is something I learned and something I try to follow in my every day life.

And unlike most of my leftist ideologies which come from my father, this is one of the few that are unique to my mother – along with honesty and humility and forgiveness. And it is even more true in our current cut-throat, dismissive culture.

Yes, people have more access to resources, and yes, after a certain age and certain level of education one’s ignorance is inexcusable; yet even then, I believe that gentleness and kindness are important.

Instead of dismissing, ignoring or ridiculing every misguided or unlearned opinion, I think we should take it as a learning opportunity. Being kind is far more important than being right.


DISCLAIMER: I do not mean to be kind in the face of oppression or outright adversity. If someone’s denying rights or being a bigot, I believe we should drag that piece of shit through hell and back.