On Missed Opportunities

Google came to my university today – I knew they were coming, I signed up for their seminar on publishing, and I was totally planning to go – and yet, as usual, something unavoidable came up which led me to staying up late (for the 3rd night in a row) which caused me to sleep in and thus miss the entire seminar. Literally, all of it.

But it gets worse. During registration, they asked attendees if they had blogs, and I did, and so I submitted its URL like the good girl I am. And turns out they displayed a couple of their favorite blogs from among those submitted – and turns out mine was one of them.

They mispronounced my name (it’s “Hiba”, Google, not “Abiha”) and passed over the gifts us lucky few would have gotten had literally all of us not missed the session (apparently everyone who writes good blogs also sleeps in late). My friends took notes for me because they’re amazing, obviously, but still.

If you know me, you’ll know that this…is a recurring theme of my life. To be on the edge of greatness (yes yes, I know, this was not that big a deal, but tolerate me for a moment; I’m trying to make a point) and yet never quite achieve it myself. To be in the company of great people (I have a talent for befriending those who are bound to be successful, and also a talent for ditching them right before they achieve that success) and yet never be great myself.

To be content with your own mediocrity is a terribly bitter pill to swallow, but you get used to the taste after a while. Such is life, I guess.

(And no, I’m not just bitter about losing out on the free Google tees. Okay, not much bitter.)